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GuardianĀ® is the manufacturer of high quality polymeric rubber gloves for chemical, biologic, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protection.Ā 

Guardian is also the manufacturer of a line of electrician's and linesmen's low and high voltage electrical insulating gloves.

Guardian gloves are used in many applications where superior hand protection is a must. These include military chemical warfare, industrial processes, linesmen, first responders and R&D labs. Refer to the Markets section.

Selecting the correct safety glove is crucial. One drop of a chemical on an improperly chosen glove can be fatal. Refer to the Resources section.

Guardian gloves are manufactured with a unique solution-dipped process, providing unparalleled protection for users. Tight molecular structures are the key to chemical impermeability. Our state-of-the-art microprocessors provide accurate controls every step of the way, from mixing our proprietary compounds... to dipping... to drying and curing, in order to attain the necessary strength. Expect Guardian safety gloves to protect you... every time.

Setting the standard for superior hand protection, comfort, utility, dexterity and design...a superior product every time.

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