The Guardian® glove line has been widely used in general manufacturing for the last 30+ years. The Guardian glove line is the best choice for when a manufacturing facility wants to buy American, cut down on glove waste, offer great chemical protection and reduce overall glove spend on gloves.

The disposable glove market has taken the manufacturing world by storm and the number of gloves being used with the wrong chemical is astounding (see href=””>News to view CDC write-up). When selecting a glove an end user must understand the chemical being used for a given application and how said chemical will interact with the glove they have chosen. Often times, due to the busy job HSE managers have, this is overlooked and the wrong glove is being used. This can result in WAY too many gloves being used, and even worse injury to the end users via chemical exposure. Commonly used chemicals in general manufacturing that Guardian gloves protect against are Acetone, MEK, MIBK, Sulfuric Acid and many more!

With the Guardian gloves, you receive a re-usable glove, a glove that has great holdout against a wide array of chemicals, they are all built to fit the left and right hand – which offers superior dexterity, and they are all USA made! Please href=””>Contact Us to see if our gloves would be a great fit for your application!