There are hundreds of varieties of herbicides and insecticides that are used in agriculture, each with chemicals that can be harmful to humans (See News: Center of Disease Control’s statement). It is important that personal protective equipment is used to reduce or eliminate exposure to these chemicals. When working with animals, glove use has become more common in recent years. Gloves help prevent the spread of bacteria among the animal population. Workers also need protection when repairing and maintaining their equipment. These machines contain chemicals that can cause health issues if they get onto a worker’s hands and absorb through the skin. Guardian® Manufacturing can provide to agricultural employee a glove that will stand up to harsh chemicals and bacteria. Butyl and Neoprene are synthetic rubbers that provide the best overall chemical and biological resistance. Agricultural workers who are spraying pesticides on crops have the risk of getting the chemicals on their hands which could be absorbed through the skin.

Guardian® manufactured butyl and neoprene gloves provide superior protection that will not easily break down when it comes into contact with harsh chemicals. This protection is also beneficial for guarding against the many fluids that workers can come into contact with during the work day. Contact Us today for help in selecting the right glove for your application.

Chemical Processing

Guardian’s chemical protective gloves offer the protection your work force needs every day. Large scale chemical mixing, petroleum facilities and toxic material handling operations all require personal protective equipment. Vapor hazards, acids, corrosive materials and cleaning agents can pose a significant safety issue (See News: Center of Disease Control’s statement). In today’s industrial climate OSHA has increased their inspection frequency looking to enforce rule 1915.157 where each employer must provide proper hand protection based on the exposure. Our gloves have superior hold out to substances such as MEK, NMP, Sulfuric Acid and Caustics to name a few. Our team provides gloves that include elements that enhance grip, dexterity, and tactile sensitivity, helping workers get the job done and stay safe. The Guardian® butyl and neoprene gloves are made in our Willard, OH facility. Contact Us today for a quote.


Within the environmental remediation industry, you can be exposed to several different hazards. Guardian® has the glove to protect against that exposure. Our team of professionals are committed to being a leader in developing and providing dipped rubber protective products for our customers. In our ISO 9001 Willard, OH facility we produce butyl and neoprene gloves to protect the worker and stand up against toxic industrial materials or TIMs. The handling of contaminated soils, containers and debris present a unique challenge in the field.

The Guardian® products give added safety as they can protect against a broad spectrum of chemical and biological hazards. Whether the project requires a short or long length butyl or neoprene glove, we can tailor our products to provide the right fit for you. Contact Us today to review your requirements for your next project.

First Responders

Guardian® Manufacturing is proud to serve alongside of our home town heroes; fire fighters, police, and emergency response teams. Across this great nation, plans have been implemented to shorten the length of time between an event happening and our response team’s ability to work in contaminated environments. This tremendous investment in resources, training, equipment, and agency coordination has resulted in a new ability to mitigate damage and save lives.

Guardian Manufacturing Research and Development team headed by our PHD Chemist continuously examines potential natural and manmade threats. The butyl and neoprene used to manufacture our gloves are made to stand up against Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs). The Guardian Quality Assurance Department monitors the glove manufacturing processes to ensure your responders have the best glove available for your next HazMat event.

With the dramatic rise in fentanyl and other synthetic drugs, First Responders are high risk of rapid glove burn-through. The traditional latex and nitrile disposables are inexpensive but ineffective. The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of, for example, fentanyl stipulates butyl rubber gloves. Guardian’s 7mil gloves are much safer.

Talk to your Guardian Representative about our glove’s capability to withstand TICs and TIMs. We have seen our gloves used after a train accident involving HazMat. Guardian’s gloves were the first choice during an industrial spill. There are so many unpredictable aspects when you respond to an emergency (See News: Center of Disease Control’s statement). It is reassuring that the one thing you can predict is the dependability of Guardian Manufacturing’s gloves.


Those that serve are the people we especially love to serve. However, there are unique challenges selling to government agencies that require the experience and dedication you will only find at Guardian. What separates Guardian Manufacturing is our attention to detail. Our staff is very experienced with government contracting processes, from REP to VIM, which makes the agency staff job easier.

We have several Certifications that will make your agency take notice. Guardian is an SBA certified HUB-Zone small business. All of our products are made in the United States. Walking through our plant you will be pleased to note the number of veterans and those that still serve in the Armed Forces.

Guardian Manufacturing is a unique organization that tailors products to our customer’s requests. Many of our products including the neoprene gloves and gloves with a rough finish are a direct result of government customers asking for specialized products. When local, state, and federal agencies make a request we make it our priority to meet those unique specifications.

State Department employees have Guardian gloves in their bio-chem protection kits. Agencies such as the General Services Administration (GSA), Department of Energy (DOE), Homeland Security (HSA), place full confidence in Guardian’s dedication to exceeding product specifications and fulfilling contract deliverables. We sell directly or thru distributors to government program managers.

High Voltage

The Guardian® High Voltage Gloves (class 1-4) are proudly made in the USA, by the hands of Union workers. These gloves are solvent dipped providing the end user with a soft glove, that provides all day comfort! The Guardian High Voltage gloves are made at our ISO 9001 certified facility in Ohio. Every pair is inspected, tested, and packed with care per ASTM D-120. The Guardian High Voltage glove line is a must wear for all utility and electrical contractor employees. Guardian has been built around manufacturing gloves, that help keep our military safe. Contact Us to learn more about the Guardian High Voltage glove line!


Guardian needs to be your first choice in box gloves and isolator glove manufacturers. The gloves are USA made. They are used in numerous industries ranging from the Nuclear Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Clean Rooms, and they have even been used to protect first responders from containments when working on someone after they have been exposed to toxic agent. The Guardian box gloves are made from Butyl and Neoprene and soon we will be offering CSM. We also are launching the largest production capacity for long gloves in the glovebox industry!


Labs are a great place to discuss the Guardian® glove line. Often times research labs have gloveboxes (also known as dry box, isolation box, isolator, etc.), the gloves on these gloveboxes to need to be changed occasionally, and Guardian offers a port size, hand style and thickness to fit all labs needs!

Labs also are commonly dealing with harsh chemicals and have a need for a re-usable chemical resistant glove. The Guardian glove line is a perfect fit for all laboratories needs from glovebox to short gloves, we are able to offer great chemical protection for even the harshest of experiments.

Contact Us to learn more about the Guardian gloves and how they can fill your laboratories PPE needs!

Low Voltage

The Guardian® Low Voltage Gloves (class 00 -0) are proudly made in the USA, by the hands of Union workers. These gloves are solvent dipped, providing the end users with a soft feel, and comfort for even the most dexterous tasks. NFPA 70E compliance is growing in the commercial/industrial markets, as is the need for low voltage gloves. Guardian is proud to able to offer a glove that is USA made, and readily available. All of the Guardian gloves are manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified facility located in Ohio, quality is our top priority and every single glove is inspected with great care and accuracy. Contact Us to learn more about the Guardian low voltage glove line!


The Guardian® glove line has been widely used in general manufacturing for the last 30+ years. The Guardian glove line is the best choice for when a manufacturing facility wants to buy American, cut down on glove waste, offer great chemical protection and reduce overall glove spend on gloves.

The disposable glove market has taken the manufacturing world by storm and the number of gloves being used with the wrong chemical is astounding (see News tab to view CDC write-up). When selecting a glove an end user must understand the chemical being used for a given application and how said chemical will interact with the glove they have chosen. Often times, due to the busy job HSE managers have, this is overlooked and the wrong glove is being used. This can result in WAY too many gloves being used, and even worse injury to the end users via chemical exposure. Commonly used chemicals in general manufacturing that Guardian gloves protect against are Acetone, MEK, MIBK, Sulfuric Acid and many more!

With the Guardian gloves, you receive a re-usable glove, a glove that has great holdout against a wide array of chemicals, they are all built to fit the left and right hand – which offers superior dexterity, and they are all USA made! Please Contact Us to see if our gloves would be a great fit for your application!


dry-box-gloves For the past 100 years, the medical field has prepared and responded to endemic and pandemic threats. understanding the advances in bio-sciences is astounding. Guardian has been manufacturing gloves to ensure and improve safety working near live agents, pathogens, vectors, and other micro-organisms.

Collecting bio-samples can be lethal if precautions are not taken seriously. Guardian researchers have spent years examining biological threats and applied common sense to our glove manufacturing processes. The result is our line of surgical fit butyl gloves. We combined the excellent hold out properties of butyl and developed a tighter fitting glove. The tighter fit combined with the thinner glove resulted in an improved capability for those working near dangerous infectious and bio-threats.

Guardian did not stop. We applied this continued common sense approach and developed full-arm length gloves.

Bio-teams and laboratories around the world depend on the Guardian name to protect against live agents. Our sales team is dedicated to first learning about where our gloves are going to be used. Both butyl and neoprene offer excellent hold out against the most dangerous agents. Talk to your sales agent and let them guide you to the best protection against the most extreme live agent.


Battles are not won purely by studying military history. Rather, advances are made incrementally by learning collectively lessons from past experiences. Guardian as a manufacturer has spent over 30 years listening to our Military. We have made changes improving our processes to meet the demands of our Armed Services today.

Here’s a history lesson: prior to the United States engaging Sadam Hussein in Desert Storm the Department of Defense reached out to Guardian Manufacturing. The request was simply; make over a quarter-million gloves to protect thousands of Soldiers and Marines. The response was our plant in Willard, Ohio ramped up production, 24/7 work by a dedicated team that met the request.

Today our processes are continuously reviewed to ensure we are ready to respond to the next war or mass catastrophic event. Where Guardian has answered the call to respond to the next mission is in the large selection of gloves. Guardian’s relationship to Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, Coast Guard, and all the assets belonging to the Services resulted in gloves of different thicknesses, smooth and rough textured finishes, and varying lengths. Guardian’s manufacturing flexibility allows for the best gloves for each mission and the right fit for each team member.

Our production process allows for a seamless smooth surfaced glove inside and out, with curved, natural hand shape. The other supplier’s gloves are not hand shaped, but rather straight. To allow hand closure, their glove includes ridges at the knuckles which, in turn, cannot be adequately decontaminated in the wells. Additionally voids inside their gloves can accumulate dirt, abrasives and sweat that compromises holdout and incubates inflammatory germs. That is an important reason Guardian is the preferred glove by CBRN deployments.

The history of our chemical gloves started with the Department of Defense approaching this company in the late 70s. Since that first contract with the agency known today as the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), we have made tremendous progress. Guardian has a dedicated staff to oversee the account management serving this unique customer base. We closely monitor pricing, product specifications, and regulations that govern our government contract awards.

Contact Guardian’s Government Development Manager. Discover that the glove our service members need tonight is being made by our dedicated Guardian team today.


The Guardian® gloves have been a top choice for the nuclear industry for over 35 years. Guardian offers short gloves – butyl short or neoprene short – that often times accompany HAZMAT suits during the handling of CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) materials. Guardian also has provided our glovebox/dry box/isolation gloves to the nuclear research industry. These gloves are used at national laboratories, universities and private research facilities. They allow the end user to preform the most intricate tasks without sacrificing safety, at these facilities handling materials that contain levels of radiation is common, adequate protection is a must. Guardian has been a top choice time and time again because Guardian offers gloves that have a great fit, are USA made and we keep our lead times short. Guardian offers varying port sizes, hand sizes and thicknesses of gloves, this benefits the end users as they can get the exact style and size of glove they need. Butyl long and neoprene long will provide you with additional information. Please go to the Contact Us page and contact a manager to discuss your specific glove needs.

Ship Building/Fleet Operations

Whether you are a shipwright working in a shipyard or Government contractor providing supplies to the new ship. Guardian is your choice when it comes to Chemical Resistant gloves. All of our gloves are Military approved, tested and meet the standard military specs.

Guardian gloves are a must wear when dealing with chemicals! Uses underway include refueling aircraft and nuclear radiation (neoprene gloves), electrical repairs (high & low voltage gloves), toxic chemical cargo (butyl gloves).