Chemical Processing Glove Protection

When you work with dangerous chemicals, you want your glove to protect exactly as expected, every time. Guardian® butyl rubber gloves provide superior chemical processing glove protection. See the butyl rubber gloves test results for more information. Guardian Butyl Rubber Gloves are available for purchase online. Available in three thicknesses, each size is available in a lightly powdered smooth or rough grip finish to meet your specific needs for protection and dexterity. Guardian butyl rubber gloves have a curved-hand design for comfortable use.
Neoprene Glove

Features of the Guardian™ Butyl Rubber Gloves:

  1. Solution-dipped for maximum chemical impermeability
  2. Detect-free surgaces for the highest level of protection
  3. Extra-long 14″ gauntlets for better lower arm protection
  4. Choice of thicknesses and sizes
  5. Curved hand design for secure fit and comfort
  6. Choice of smooth and rough-grip hand surface
  7. Lightly powdered finish for easy use