Natural Rubber Low Voltage

Natural Rubber Low Voltage Availability
Guardian’s natural rubber low voltage insulating gloves are of the highest quality standards. Every glove is tested for both blow-out current and milliamp leakage to ASTM standards. Prior to packing, each glove is inserted in a poly bag with user instructions and thoroughly visually inspected. Each pair is individually boxed. These gloves are growing in commercial and industrial use, as OSHA, insurance carriers and corporate safety managers continue to push for NFPA 70(e) compliance. Class 00 gloves are rated for 500 voltage work (tested to 2,500 VAC). Class 0 gloves are rated for 1,000 voltage work (tested to 5,000 VAC). Each pair is individually boxed with all (including ASTM) industry standard identification.

Guardian Mfg Mrktg Photos elec arc at wiring for Class 0 Elec red YES
Guardian Mfg Mrktg Photos electric power panel for Class 0 Elec yellow YES

Class: 00, 0
Length: 11 inch, 14 inch
Finish: smooth
Color: Black, Red; coming soon Yellow
Cuff: rolled straight
Hand Style: Curved Left/Right
Hand Size: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Guardian Style #: TBD
Packaging: poly bag/pair in single box
12 pair, 60 pair boxes

guardian-we protect hands-green