Butyl Rubber Gloves Test Results

Butyl Rubber Gloves Test Results for Styles: CP-7, CP-14, CP-14F, CP-25, IBA-35

Breakthrough times and permeation rates reported are the average of three test replicates.

ND = No breakthrough time in 8 hours
NA = Not Applicable
NT = Not Tested

All tests performed on Style CP-25 (heavyweight) except as indicated. All tests performed per ASTM F739-85 by TRI/Environmental, Inc. at ambient temperature for 8 hours. Tests were performed under laboratory conditions and do not represent actual usage conditions. TRI/Environmental makes no warranties or other guarantees concerning protection by these materials and assumes no liability for use of this material with the chemicals tested.

The user should determine the applicability of conditions when assessing suitability of the actual anticipated exposures.

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Chemical BreakthroughTime (min.) Permeation Rate (ug/cm2-min.)
1, 3 Butadiene 303 0.3
Acetaldahyde 4 2.1
Acetic Acid (glacial) ND NA
Acetone ND NA
Acetonitrile ND NA
Ammonia ND NA
Ammonium Hydroxide ND NA
Ammonium Nitrate ND NA
Aniline ND NA
Butyl Acetate 94 10
p-tert-Butyl Toluene 91 >32
Carbinol ND NA
Carbon Disulfide <4 >500
Chlorine 60 >50
Chloromethane 176 0.9
Cyclohexane 4 >23
Cyclohexanol ND NA
Cyclohexanone ND NA
Dibutyl Phthalate ND NA
Diethylamine 27 >500
Dimethylformamide ND NA
Dioxane ND NA
Divinyl Benzene 54 >64
Ethanal 4 2.1
Ethanamine ND NA
Ethyl Acetate 253 6567
Ethyl Alcohol ND NA
Ethyl Aldehyde 4 2.1
Ethylamine ND NA
Ethylene Oxide 173 3.53
Fluohydric Acid ND NA
Hexane 21 86
Hydrochloric Acid (37%) ND NA
Hydrofluoric Acid (49%) ND NA
Hydrogen Chloride ND NA
Hydrogen Fluoride (99%) 15 >100
Methyl Alcohol ND NA
Methyl Chloride 176 0.9

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) 99%

Style# CP-25 Heavy 385 1.3
Style# CP-14 Medium 116 55

Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK) 99.5%

Style# CP-25 Heavy 385 1.3
Style# CP-7 Light 68 7.6
Methylene Chloride 20 >500
Muriatic Acid (37%) ND NA
N-ethylethanamine 27 >500
Nitric Acid (conc.) ND NA
Nitrobenzene ND NA
Nitropropane ND NA
N-hexane 4 >500
Oleum 270 >500
Phenylamine ND NA
Phosphoric Acid (conc.) ND NA
Potassium Hydroxide (50%) ND NA
Propyl Acetate 109 19
Sodium Hydroxide (50%) ND NA
Sulfuric Acid (conc.) ND NA
Sulfuric Acid (fuming) 270 >500
Tetrachloroethylene <4 >500
Tetrahydrofuran 25 >500
Toluene 28 >500
Toluene Diisocyanate ND NA
Vinylethylene 303 0.3

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